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The Kiwanis Club of Glen Ridge Makes a Difference in Ukraine
The Kiwanis mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children, and that's exactly what the Kiwanis Club of Glen Ridge has been able to do for one family of Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Town residents Erin Speiser and Polish-born husband Andy Gasak contacted the club because Andy's relatives run a lodge in the Polish countryside where Ukrainian refugees had found refuge.

What a story they had to tell! They spoke of a small, rural village in Poland where Ukraine refugees found safety but a place so rural it had no access to international aid. After learning of the need and hearing many heart-wrenching stories, the club chose to donate to one family, Wiktoria and her two daughters. Wiktoria's husband had been killed fighting in the war, and one daughter suffers from serious physical challenges. Club treasurer Carl Bergmanson made arrangements to convert the US dollars into an Amazon gift card and sent it to Wiktoria.

With the money Wiktoria writes she has been able to upgrade the family's living circumstances, buy clothes and other necessities. She wrote, "Thank you very much for helping me and my daughters. We managed to use this money on Amazon in a new country, in a new place, to buy the necessary things that helped us live and dress. We are very grateful for helping us and Ukrainian families. Pray for peace in Ukraine."

Pray for peace in Ukraine.


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